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no assembly instruction with the dinosaur model

its very hard to assemble without instructions; it will be really helpful if you provide with the instruction

Loved building it, sturdy and great value for money!

AT-AT Walker

Great build, you really have to take your time with this toy. Always go a few steps ahead before you start gluing the pieces together.

Hyundai Tucson

An amaizing build

Hyundai ,model T Ford ,Toyota double cab

I love these models amaizing realistic builds
Thank you so much the best

excelente trabajo felicitaciones

por favor podrias vender el vector ?

Motorbike| Dirtbike

It is nice to add to your collection and it is a nice piece, one of 'my' favourites I really like it

Love the design

My son bought a scorpion and a T-Rex and he loves to build stuff. He enjoyed building these designs. He wants to get the whole collection of Dinosaurs

Dirt bike

I was excited to build it, but when I started it, I sat there for an hour just trying to understand it. Those instructions make NO sense whatsoever. Sitting there for an hour, and I still hadn’t been able to build anything. My friend on the other hand, who got the Land Rover defender, was on a roll. His instructions were clear, and easy to understand.

Raptor junior build

Really enjoyed it

Lady bug

Very enjoyable build

Anna Dickinson home

Very nice build , no problems

Model T Ford build

Great build very interesting

Saturn V Rocket launch pad

It is a very cool model to build, will recommend it to anyone

Haul truck

Haven't built it myself, but if it's the same quality as the other models I've built then I can't wait to build it

Complex Human Skeleton

It was fun and easy to build had a blast.

Defender 90

What lovely piece of joy!! This takes me back when my Dad and I used to build model aeroplanes on the kitchen table in the late 80's. I am like a.kid in a candy store with the Land Rover models!!! I just LOVE IT!!!