Aircraft | Angel Interceptor (AIR_4)

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by Wow We

Intermediate: Ideal for hobbyists who have completed a few projects. These models demand more time and skill, with intricate details and possibly more complex assembly required.

Soar into Adventure with the Angel Interceptor 3D Model - A Sky-High Delight!

Get ready to pilot your creativity with our Angel Interceptor 3D model, a must-have for aspiring aviators and avid collectors alike. This model combines the thrill of aircraft design with the joy of DIY crafting.

What Makes it Special?

  • Engaging for All Ages: Ideal for kids dreaming of the skies and collectors seeking a unique addition.
  • Create Your Masterpiece: Comes ready for you to paint with acrylic or spray paint. Let your imagination take flight!
  • Intermediate Challenge: Rated Level 3 (intermediate), it's perfect for those who enjoy a satisfying build.
  • Complete & Convenient: Press out board packaging ensures no parts are missing for a hassle-free experience.

Please Note: Paint and glue are not included to let you choose your favourites.

Embark on a building journey with our Angel Interceptor and add a touch of the skies to your collection!







Material: 3mm, MDF / Supawood


+7 years

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Please note that not all instructions are as detailed as we like, and we are in the process of recreating our instruction guides.

Discover the Wow We Difference

Our wooden model puzzles are designed with you in mind. From the perfect fit of each piece to the level of customization you desire, we prioritize quality and user experience. You'll enjoy features like:

  • Creative Freedom: Paint and customize your models with ease.

Complete Sets: No missing pieces means no frustration.

Versatile Use: Ideal for home décor, arts, and crafts projects.

Clear Instructions: Easy-to-follow assembly guides.

Fast Shipping: Get your puzzles delivered quickly.

Join the Wow We community today and experience the satisfaction of creating beautiful wooden models with unmatched craftsmanship!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do the assemblies require glue?

Yes, most of our assemblies benefit from a touch of wood glue (readily available at your local hardware store). This ensures that your creations are not only fun but also sturdy and long-lasting.

Do the assemblies require filing to fit together?

While we put our best effort into precision cutting, sometimes the pieces may need a little extra love to fit together perfectly. In such cases, using precision needle files can help you fine-tune the fit and achieve that satisfying, snug connection. Happy assembling!

Where can I get instructions?

Ah, the road to assembly bliss! You can easily find the assembly instructions on the tab next to the product description. If you prefer the virtual route, head over to our assembly instructions page for a step-by-step guide. We're here to make assembling as easy as pie (or perhaps even easier)!

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No need to get out your measuring tape! You can find all the nitty-gritty product dimensions right in the product description section. We've got you covered with the details you need.

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